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Main Process – Drawing Molding

Drawing plug Dice pattern

Drawing analysis

The tube drawing process is divided into three types: sinking, plug drawing, and mandrel drawing.
In the sinking, the inner wall of the tube is not supported, so the reduction of the wall is slight and the inner surface is not uniform.
Since the shear deformation at the die inlet and outlet is larger than other processes, the deformation limit is lower than other processes. When the plug is pulled out, the diameter of the inside / outside of the tube is controlled well. The plug determines the shape and roughness of the inner diameter part.

Main process – heat treatment.

After BA Interior RMAX 3.2 or less (SEM picture)

Heat Treatment

구분열처리 용량최대 생산 사이즈(mm)월 생산량 (m)비고
BA 열처리 1호150kw100A200,000직관
BA 열처리 2호120kw50.8120,000직관
코일 BA 열처리120kw19.05100,000코일
  • Heat treatment furnace Outside gas: H2 (75%) + N2 (25%)
  • Heat treatment furnace Internal gas: H2 (100%)
  • Visible Purity: DEW POINT -40 or less
  • After BA Interior Roughness: Rmax 3.2 or less

Main Process – Postprocessing

Straight straightener

Cleaning in Clean room with 1000 class

Tube Packing in Clean Room with 1000 Class