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R & D

2010. 01. 15Development of customized technology development project for government support site (Development of manufacturing technology of shape memory alloy precision tube) - Korea Industrial Complex Corporation
2010. 01. 10Supporting the core technical support project of the government support industry (Development of manufacturing technology of medical titanium titanium precision tube) - Ministry of Knowledge Economy
2009. 12. 10Developed Government Supported Prototype Development Project (Development of Precision Stainless Steel Welding Tube Manufacturing Technology) - Gyeongnam Techno Park
2009. 12. 05Developed local technical product development project for government-supported area (development of stainless steel precision tube manufacturing technology for medical use) - Small and Medium Business Agency
2009. 10. 10Government-supported small business improvement productivity consulting support business - Small and Medium Business Agency
2009. 09. 05Performed the technical support project of excellent manpower resources in the government support company - Korea Industrial Technology Development Agency
2009. 08. 20Government support information support (ERP) project - Small and Medium Enterprise Information Agency
2009. 08. 10Supported by Ministry of Knowledge Economy (Ministry of Knowledge and Economy)
2008. 10. 15Patent application (Precision drawing device)
2006. 12. 20Selected as a government-supported regional industrial technology development company and carried out technology development (technology development of high precision drawing machine) - Ministry of Knowledge Economy
2006. 11. 01Successful development of SME innovation technology (clean stainless steel production technology)
2006. 06. 01Achievement of technology development project of Korea-Japan functional university
2006. 05. 10Registered two application for utility model (drawing mold and device)
2002. 03. 01Development of Stainless special mold
2001. 01. 01Semiconductor Gas Line Bright Annealing Tube Drawing, Special shape technology development
2000. 07. 01evelopment of Draw Bench technology of Ra 0.8S or less for various kinds of products, Stainless Seamless, Welded Cylinder Tube, Deformed pipe, Double pipe and Composite pipe

Accreditation and Certification Field

2013. 09. 10Acquired European certification PED certification (TUV Rheinland)
2012. 11Patent registration of tube welding device
2011. 11Designated as a special military company
2011. 03. 04Obtained qualification for nuclear quality assurance (KEPIC)
2009. 10. 10Acquired ISO 14001 quality certification
2009. 09. 30Accredited as a department dedicated to the development of Pungsung Precision Tube Technology (Korea Industrial Technology Association)
2008. 10. 10Selected as a superior quality certification company
2008. 10. 10Certified as a specialized production company for parts and materials (Korea Component Industry Promotion Agency)
2008. 10. 01Certified as a promising export medium-sized company (Small and Medium Business Administration)
2008. 08. 01Certified by INNOBIZ Corporation (Small and Medium Business Administration)
2007. 02. 01Venture Business Certification (Technology Guarantee Fund)
2006. 10. 01Acquired ISO 9001 quality certification

Technology Infrastructure and Recognition

2010. 05. 20Joined the engineering engineering society (special member company)
2010. 03. 20Registered as a partner company of Pukyong National University
2010. 02. 01Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials Materials Research Institute 1 company support company support program
2010. 01. 20Gyeongsang National University registered as a partner company
2008. 10. 20Registered as a partner company of Inje University
2008. 10. 20Registered as a joint venture company of materials research institute of Korea Institute of Machinery & Technology
2011.Grand Prize of Management Grand Prize (Gyeongnam Techno Park)
2009Minister of Knowledge Economy Award (Excellent Commerce Award)
Minister of Knowledge Economy Award (Excellent Small and Medium Sized Business)
2006Kyungnam Small and Medium Business Administration Award (Industry-University Cooperation Excellent Company)