Welcome to the web site of Pungsung Precision Tube Co.,Ltd.

In January 1990, we established our company with the production of high-precision stainless steel pipe (drawing) and moved our factory to Gyeongsangnam-do Anhwa Industrial Complex in Gyeongsangnam-do. In order to increase the satisfaction according to various customers’ needs, We always try our best to produce the highest quality products.

We have been producing high precision stainless steel pipes, carbon steel, titanium and special alloy steel pipes with high precision and know-how for more than 29 years. , Oil, Air) Tubes, Medical, Electronic and Electric Components, Semiconductors, and Industrial Precision Tubing Products.

Especially, it is very important to develop and supply various heat exchangers, boilers and various power plants (nuclear, thermal, combined heat, hydro, geothermal, etc.) and various shipbuilding and plant industries (chemical, gas, chemical, refinery, water treatment, environment, industrial infrastructure, , Pipes, tubes, special bar parts, condensers, shipbuilding and industrial piping.
We have introduced quality management system certificate ISO9001, environmental management system certificate ISO14001, nuclear quality material system KEPIC, European certification TUV and ERP quality management procedure, The company has been working hard for the future with the cooperation of all the staffs of Kaggo. We have established technological infrastructure and established technological infrastructure and continued technological development to produce high quality TUBE of stainless steel and carbon steel, We will do our best to produce / supply PIPE products.

All the employees of PungSung Precision Tube Co., Ltd. will always try to do their best with a sense of responsibility, so please bear with us your continued interest and love.

Thank you. CEO Im-Geun, Jung