To reach the world and leap to the future Pung Sung Precision Tube Co., Ltd.

Pungsung Precision Tube Co., Ltd. was established in January, 1990 with the start of molding (drawing) of high-precision stainless steel pipe and moved its business to the existing Anhha Industrial Complex in Gimhae city, Gyeongsangnam-do. We are always doing our best efforts to ensure the equipment and inspection facilities and to produce the highest quality products.

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Company Information

Automotive Precision Products

Typical products of Pungsung Precision Tube are general precision products (Stainless Steel Sedmless Tubes, medical, electric and electronic components, aerospace engine propulsion OD, medical, piping, cylinder) and automobile precision parts.

Precision tube

Pungsung Precision tube precision tubes include special bars, various tubes, structural tubes, square and hexagonal tubes, triple tube tubes, nuclear tubes, automobile tubes, automobile parts, hook rails for submarines, and automobile connector parts.

Medical & Electronics

Pungsung Precision Tube Medical & Electronic Tube manufactures tubes used in medical equipment and electronic equipment, and is suitable for products requiring precise processing. It can be produced and manufactured in any way regardless of the length, thickness and hole size of the tube.

For heat exchanger

Heat exchangers, condensers, and boiler tubes include heat exchangers, copper alloy pipes, ferrules, ship engine cooling, U bending, ferro tube, and Stailness Steel. Copper alloys, tubes for heat exchangers, and tubes for cooler pipes.

General Tube

Pungsung Precision Tube general tube is used for Ilsan pipe, hexagonal & square pipe, piping, aerospace fuel parts, tube, high pressure cylinder, food drinking water pipe distributor,

Special Bar & Tube

The special Bar & Tube of Pungsung Precision Tube is used for Ilsan Pipe, Hexagon & Square Pipe, Piping, Aerospace Fuel Parts, Tube, High Pressure Cylinder, Food Drinking Water Pipe Dispenser, Aerospace Nano Propeller.